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About our Tattoo Studio

Amaryllis Tattoo Studio Padiham, Burnley was founded and owned by Helen Ethrington.

Amaryllis Tattoo Studio is based in Padiham, Burnley.

Helen witnessed her first tattooing experience at a young age and was fascinated and knew that one day she would be able to open her own studio. She began training/working for a well known artist when she was 18 and built a wealth of experience over the following years. Helen began working at other studio’s around Burnley and Padiham and became well known for her friendliness, patience and overall her passion and delivery of work. An opportunity arrived in 2014 for Helen open her own studio and she grasped it with both hands. It was always Helen’s passion to be able to own tattoo her own parlour and the opportunity was too good to be missed.

Now the business has a large base of very happy inked customers!

Helen is here to help your tattoo dreams come to life, just pop in and have a chat, use our Contact us page or look at our Services page for more information.

Just remember, we nor any studio should pressurise you into anything, it’s your body and your dreams.